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This isn't your typical woman's wetsuit

With a slide, twist and reversible fabric, a wetsuit can adapt to a range of water temperatures and weather conditions. That's the idea behind Alyx Tortorice's wetsuit. The 22-year-old senior enrolled in Laguna College of Art and Design's (LCAD) Action Sports Design program launched her line, Starfysh...

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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

As the name suggests, Bella is indeed beautiful — in her appearance and classy manners. This 2-year-old pit-bull mix is the picture of fitness and health, with a sleek blue coat accessorized by tasteful white markings. She was reluctantly surrendered when the owner's living conditions changed and...



Banner season for Breakers

Laguna Beach girls' golf, boys' water polo, girls' volleyball, girls' tennis teams complete perfect run in Orange Coast League.


  • Mailbag: Retention basin must be looked into before rains

    As the prospect of substantial rain and possible flooding comes closer, questions are being raised as to whether we're ready. After the 2010 flood, as a member of the City Council I established a city task force to look at what we could do locally to arm ourselves against the next big one. The task...

  • Reader Report: Assistance League holds Afternoon in Paris

    Reader Report: Assistance League holds Afternoon in Paris

    An Afternoon in Paris Friend Raiser party made for a big day in Laguna. The event was put on by the Assistance League of Laguna Beach at Madison Square and Garden Café on Oct 4. Food and drinks for the crowd of about 300 people were donated by owner Jon Madison. Assistance League members modeled...

  • Commentary: Public must document air traffic complaints

    After seeing the comments by Barbara Diamond in the paper, ("Public must speak out about low-flying planes," Oct. 16) I decided to add my comments and concerns regarding the air traffic. It is vital that all residents express their objection to the flights over Laguna Beach. Recently I sent an...

  • Commentary: Columnist unfairly maligned First Thursdays Art Walk

    I am writing in regards to the opinion column written last week about the Art Walk ("Hansen: Laguna 'drunk walk' blurs art," Oct. 9). I am shocked and disappointed by this story. As a gallery owner, I have not had issues like this. I manage my business, and if anything like that started, I would...

  • Commentary: Column gives wrong, unfair depiction of Art Walk

    I am writing in response to the recent opinion column about the First Thursdays Art Walk published Oct. 9 (Hansen: "Laguna 'drunk walk' blurs art.") I opened the Artists Republic gallery in Laguna Beach in 2010. Since that time, I have spent every day working extremely hard to create a sense of...